Every aeration and fountain design system starts with a site audit to determine the client’s requirements, size of water body; estimated power usage and peak power demand; amongst others, all within the off-peak energy windows to reduce costs. This informs us what equipment and control systems will be needed.

All our designs are software-based, linked to up to date manufacturer databases to ensure accurate data is used during the design phase. Once completed, our procurement department will draft a detailed Bill Of Materials to submit a costing for approval by the client. On approval, the procurement and installation can proceed, based on the client’s time frame and custom requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Full design guarantee with Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Seamless integration of all our required services.
  • One point of contact for your entire project duration.
  • Reduced design & project cost.
  • Custom design.
  • Impressive timeline delivery 1 – 5 days turn around time.
  • Supported by a full complement of technical and value-add services.